This book is the second book of the 'Bro, Don't Like That La, Bro' series. The story continues from the first book! Just so you would know what to expect, here is a quick overview of what this book would be like, apart from being blue as heck:

As usual, the contents of the book is written the same style as in my blog. There are old comics from online as well as new ones in the book!

This book is similar to the first one where as the stories in the book are written in the same style as my blog posts, except that the write ups are longer, more in depth and contains more of my usual blend of humour. There are many new materials inside and even the old ones get remastered and given additional attention to. Basically this book has a whole tonne of new stuff inside.

The book is pretty heavy but not heavy enough to actually to be used as a lethal weapon. It is approximately the weight of a very light brick that would most probably only hurt a toddler at high velocity. Also provided that the edges hit the toddler first. Otherwise, this book is pretty light and harmless.

It only might be harmful to the purity of your mind.

Which is probably the best reason why you should also get this book.

Here are some quick freebie previews of a couple of new comics to get your engines started!

Get the new book today!